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Do you wonder
…Do you think Hypnosis is about you acting like a chicken?…

Doug and I are certified practicing Hypnotherapists and trainers of modern day Hypnosis. I love it when people find out that we can do hypnosis the first thing they ask is “can you make me act like a chicken”…only if you want to!

You see Hypnosis is a “do with process, not a do to process” and what it does…what it really does is it lifts your mind so it by-passes the critical faculty so that you accept information or suggestions without judgement.

So what does this mean…really mean? If you liked the movies Matrix or Avatar you would have by-passed your critical faculty in order to accept that a woman ran around the walls or that a man-woman got into a machine and landed in another space and time.

I wonder did you like Superman or Batman and all the things all the things they did, as you sat there watching, you knew as you know now that your unconscious mind was creating pictures and relaxing going deeper and deeper into…

People think this and that and wonder if they can go deeper and deeper into trance and have you been in trance before…now!

Hypnosis language is all around all around even as you drive your car and the white line goes past goes past goes past and you get sleepier and sleepier and more and more relaxed…

So if you are wondering if Hypnosis will accesses your unconscious mind like when you sleep…and is that different or the same as now!

Hypnosis is good for Anaesthesia such as child birth and most effective when used as a virtual gastric band, or for performance enhancement goals setting and to create a compelling future with positive behaviour changes or my very favourite deep relaxation and sleeping techniques.

As you sit reading this you already know that there is more to know and that it is there for you know virtual gastric banding for weight loss, deep relaxation and sleep strategy and performance enhancement for those who want to achieve the goal…so will you contact us now or later…phone 8947 0409.

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