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Mumpreneur | Vania Primmer

It takes a pretty extraordinary person to transform peoples’ lives – and that is exactly Vania Primmer’s business. Over six years, Vania has helped to transform the lives of more than 1,500 people through the Ultimate Dream Team.

Vania specialises in brain coaching, via programs every three to four months that focus on nutrition, exercise and – most importantly – mindset. The Ultimate Dream Team gets results for life by re-wiring new mindset pathways so healthy habits become a natural part of their clients’ lives.

The most recent round of Dream Team held 75 clients of all ages, shapes and sizes who all demonstrated brilliant results – some dropping 18 kilos in only six weeks.

Vania’s business was born after numerous ups and downs with her own body, when she found herself stacking weight on (sometimes more) after body building competitions. She began learning about the brain and now stays in great shape…even after having babies!

As a mother to three, Tiger (17), Miami (seven) and Aaliyah (three and a half months), balance is sometimes difficult. How does she do it? “The mind and body exist in continuum – you can never transform one without the other.”