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A Futures Focused | Senior Secondary College

Palmerston Senior College (PSC) is an Independent Public School that offers a holistic approach for your son or daughter through their senior secondary schooling, Year 10 to Year 12 and has a Special Education Centre catering for students Year 7 to Year 12. We work with our students to structure education pathways best suited to their individual strengths, interest and career aspirations.

In 2015, 9% of PSC students seeking entry to university achieved an ATAR of 90 or higher. Two students, Briana Kemp and Lukeus Ryan achieved ATAR scores of 95.5 and 95.2 respectively. Both Briana and Lukeus attended Palmerston public primary schools and Rosebery Middle School, completing their schooling at PSC.
During 2015, Briana focused totally on completing Year 12. Now that she has completed, she is exploring university options that are available to her. Briana is interested in studying Psychology at Charles Darwin University.
For Lukeus balancing the demands of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Studies and Maths Methods was extremely challenging. His efforts and commitment have been well worth any sacrifices he may have made as he was recognised as DUX of the College. In 2016, Lukeus is aiming to study Engineering at Charles Darwin University.


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