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COVER STORY | By Michelle Dryburgh

DefendFire | Jarred Kersten and Michael Nuthall

They don’t wear big yellow suits, and they’re not the guys to call in an emergency. But they are helping to protect the people of Darwin from the threat of fire.

They even have their own fire truck.

Jarred Kersten and Michael Nuthall are the creators of Defend Fire, locally owned fire protection contractors servicing the Northern Territory since 2010.

Defend Fire specialises in the installation of fire protection equipment and customised fire fighting systems as well as providing ongoing servicing and maintenance.

The team brings to Darwin essential services and products now mandatory in many commercial and residential properties, providing reliable support at a local level.

They have successfully retained all servicing contracts over the past five years, and continue to attract new clients with a trusted reputation for friendly, personalised customer service.

“We show up when we say we’re going to show up, and we’re approachable,” says Jarred.

“Our team is here in Darwin which gives us the best possible understanding of our clients and their needs.”

Michael agrees.

“Even as the business has grown we have been able to maintain that high level of service, and we’re proud of that.”

Defend Fire has been built on strong foundations of mateship, beginning when Jarred and Michael became friends while training for the industry in Adelaide.

They later identified demand for their work in Darwin, and launched the business together in 2010.

Speaking to DarwinLife Magazine from a supplier trip to Las Vegas, it’s clear the pair’s friendship has been key to the business’ continuing success.
Jarred and Michael have worked hard to ensure the internal culture of the business reflects their own values as mates.

And they and their team offer extensive industry knowledge and professional service, with a friendly, down to earth nature welcoming customers like old friends.

“We have that same approach to everything we do,” says Jarred.

“People know us and can walk in and speak to us anytime.”

The Defend Fire team is made up of more than 20 fully qualified specialists including technicians, fire service electricians and fire sprinkler fitters.

Together they provide customers with a variety of implementation, consultation and maintenance services to suit all environments.

Defend Fire’s speciality services and products are now in demand throughout the Northern Territory, including construction projects, residential developments, corporate, commercial and industrial businesses, restaurants and even private homes.

One of their newest projects is installing sprinklers and pumps for the new Supreme Court building in Alice Springs, and their list of happy customers continues to grow.

Offering personalized 24-7 service, Defend Fire prides itself on going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction, customising services to suit every client’s individual needs.

And all clients have peace of mind knowing Defend Fire is a fully licensed operation with appropriate insurance and certification as well as ongoing training to ensure industry leading standards at a safe working environment.

So when you think fire safety in the Territory, think Defend Fire.

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At Defend Fire, we deliver reliable, fast and effective fire safety solutions to a variety of clientele. We have upheld our excellent reputation in the industry by ensuring that our dealings and workmanship are of a first rate standard at all times.

We are equipped to handle projects of any size due to our advanced knowledge and expertise in the industry. Our team of skilled technicians confidently deals with more complex assignments on a regular basis.

Defend Fire eliminates the hassle involved in dealing with larger companies and as such, we offer personalised 24-hour customer service which far exceeds the standard. We take pride in our professional approach and quality assurance.

Defend Fire’s transparency and flexibility in meeting individual needs have been welcomed as refreshing traits in the current market. Defend Fire is a preferred partner of national fire safety companies and of building owners and project managers alike.

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