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Managing Director
Ambrose Solutions
Forever evolving and innovating is paramount to success.

“It’s that old adage ‘If you’re doing in five years time what you were doing five years ago you’re probably out of business’,” he says.
As a Chartered Accountant, Clint spent many years working nationally and internationally in the field of Insolvency, Forensic Accounting, and Audit, during which time he saw many factors that contribute to business decline.
This spurred the entrepreneur to turn his focus to helping small and medium businesses survive and thrive, and he established Ambrose Business Solutions with the aim of helping find practical solutions to complex problems.
“It’s about really trying to look at what the problem is and unpack it and build a solution. It’s very much an engineering approach,” says Clint.
Acknowledging that the technical and academic jargon used by accountants can get lost on clients, especially those from culturally diverse backgrounds, Clint has specialized, and utilizes digital methods including animation to develop a series of learning platforms that simplify the way he advises businesses with story telling and imagery.
“I spent a lot of time in the business psych area studying personality indicators such as Myers Briggs and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and I really focused on developing accelerated learning tools,” he says.
Clint feels that his early years growing up in Arnhem Land fuelled his passion to bring micro enterprise to Aboriginal communities, and he is motivated by his desire to help people achieve. His Commbank sponsored Walkabout™ program and related Pop Up Village™ concepts have gained national and international recognition.
The latest innovation out of the Ambrose stable is DriveAbout ™, a learning licence app prototype. Working on projects with the Northern Territory government, Clint developed a prototype app to replace the current paper based test, delivering competency based content through animations with assessment that could be in any language from Yolgnu Matha to Spanish.
“It’s a real breakthrough. Using animation and mobile platforms to explain fundamental concepts simply has meant that our work is applicable to ‘all people’ in Australia and internationally,” says Clint.
With the Queensland Government now expressing interest in the technology, Clint feels the market is now validating Ambose’s disruptive innovative methods, approach and overall vision.
“It about keeping the eye on the prize while still taking it game by game,” he says.

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