DarwinLifeDream TeamMarch 2016



Director Richard, Lara and Michelle not only understand all things nutrition; they understand the enormous benefits of working together and combining their expansive dietary knowledge for the benefit of their patients.
Nutrition can be complicated, contrary to what the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the food pyramid tell us. Diet and nutrition are not “one size fits all” concepts, and this is something the team at Darwin Dietitians appreciates. They successfully utilise their individual strengths and expertise to ensure clients receive the best possible dietary advice, tailored to them specifically.
Amongst them, Michele, Lara and Richard specialise in eating disorders and psychological counselling, diabetes and management, and nutritional biochemistry. With this wealth of knowledge they are able to comprehend how the body utilises nutrients, and identify what adjustments need be made. The three call on each other regularly for advice regarding the health and wellbeing of their clients. Many different factors determine what an individual requires in the way of diet; activity levels, age, pre-existing health conditions, allergies, mental state and taste preferences to name just some. The Darwin Dietitians team is committed to ensuring their patients’ dietary specifications are accounted for, and that they can maintain the best possible life both physically and mentally.
Their combined wealth of knowledge enables them to service remote communities within the Territory, aged care facilities, and also patients of Darwin Private Hospital. With Richard’s background as a chef, the team holds cooking classes, supermarket tours, and group learning seminars. They utilise biochemical markers and undertake genetic testing to determine what each client needs, and what changes – big and small – should be made to maximise health and wellness.
Richard, Michelle and Lara are dedicated on both a professional and personal level to the wellbeing of each and every Darwin Dietitians patient, and their unique team environment enables them to ensure these professional and personal goals are continuously met.

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