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Gimbells Landscaping

It’s the quiet achievers the people who sometimes go unnoticed that inspire David McWilliam.

Whether they be community leaders, business people, sports people or just the next door neighbour, the unassuming businessman celebrates the humble champions from all walks of life.
Director of Gimbells Landscaping, David runs the company alongside his brother Phillip and business partner Jodie Rousell. Established by their father Rusty in 1962 as a landscaping business, Gimbells is now a premier Territory landscape and construction contractor.
Originally from Sydney, David is a carpenter by trade, and spent his early days in Darwin alongside Phillip rebuilding the city after Cyclone Tracy.
When landscaping became more prevalent in project works from the late 1980’s on, they made the natural progression across from construction, and helped to shape Gimbells into the success story that it is today.
With it’s company mission – “To know the need, to meet the need, to provide a sustainable solution” – Gimbells Landscaping is committed to enhancing the aesthetic view of the Territory with innovative design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation.
Motivated by his desire to achieve, and positive feedback from clients, David feels that success is fluid and something to be continually striving toward with perseverance and commitment.
“I’m not sure I’m there yet. Having a business that performs well with only half my current input would be a good measure to start with. Motivated, capable staff with plenty of profitable work ahead of them is the goal,” he says.
For potential young landscapers coming through the ranks, David feels that being proactive and providing solutions rather than being part of the problem is paramount.
“This encapsulates what all employers are constantly seeking – someone who is interested in the outcome of the job, not when the next lunch break is,” he says.
According to David, job satisfaction comes from a number of factors, from sharing successes with clients and staff, to the nature of the work itself.
“The stand out is winning that desirable prize tender, but that’s soon followed by the challenge to perform, so it’s always yin and yang,” he says.
As David looks to the years ahead, he hopes to continue building on the legacy Rusty, turning 98 this year, has created.
“He still inspires most who meet him,”
he says.

8947 3666 • 10 Boulter Road Berrimah NT 0828 • www.gimbells.com.au