DarwinLifeHealth & FitnessMarch 2016


Darwin Dietitians is the leading private nutrition and dietetic service for the NT.

We offer a range of services from general nutrition advice for healthy eating to understanding your genetic nutrient requirements. We also provide services to Darwin Private Hospital and Aged Care facilities in the Territory. Darwin Dietitians are happy to announce the introduction of an Eating Disorder Clinic lead by Accredited Practicing Dietitian Michelle Wissing.

The new clinic offers:
• Counselling and treatment for eating disorders, body image issues and unhealthy weight-loss practices
• Customised treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective in helping those suffering from disordered eating through improving an individual’s relationship with food and/or exercise
• A service for both patients and their family members
• A combination of the very best treatment options, a high level of customer service, an integrated social program, and an emphasis on the involvement of carers.
• Working closely with supporting practitioners, Psychologists and GPs

Michelle Wissing
Darwin Private Hospital Rocklands Drive, TIWI
0810 08 8927 3700