Fashion, Beauty & StyleJanuary 2015


  1. Program Hoping.WEZ

If we learnt one thing from last year it would be that ‘hoping’ between different type of exercise programs will yield little to no results. This year however I challenge you to pick one form of exercise and stick to it for the full twelve months. Weightlifting, Crossfit, AFL, Rock climbing or self defence are all fantastic exercise options to chose from. By training (or practising) one form of exercise for an extended period of time we allow ourselves real potential for growth, not only physically but mentally as well.

  1. Fad Diets.

Time to be blunt so please except my apologies in advance. Fad dieting is not only a futile exercise in time wasting but it can be down right dangerous to your physical and mental health. Having your weight fluctuate wildly multiple times per year will only lead to temporary highs and depressing lows. Instead of riding that emotional roller coaster all you require is to make some small adjustments to your current eating routine.  Stop consuming processed foods, keep breakfast simple, eat more veggies and reduce the sugars. It’s not rocket science and you’re not an idiot, so stop being lazy and start doing the right thing.

  1. Quit quitting.

It’s fair to say nothing that was ever achieved easily was worth doing at all. Google any successful athlete, business person or personality and you will find out that they most likely failed time and time again prior to reaching any amount of success. Endless hours of training and practise is what it takes to truly achieve great things.

So quit quitting.

Stop being weak and giving up once things get tough.  It’s the tough times that make us better at our chosen medium and without these tough times victories will be hollow and meaningless.

I truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel what it’s like to achieve great things, regardless of what they are, by putting in the hard work and determination that reflects the goals in the first place. So no more nonsense, just dig in and do the hard yards.

Make yourself a promise that this year will be the year you dominate and finally achieve some of your dreams. Just Remember everything comes at a cost and sacrifices will need to be made, so choose your goals wisely and get cracking.

Stay strong,