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DIY Christmas seed pod tree

One thing we have an abundance of in Darwin is palm trees and if you are like me you are constantly picking up fallen seed pods from around your garden, Well now it’s time to put them to use and turn them into a Christmas tree that can then be recycled when you have finished with it.

Your tree can be as little or as big as you want, all that limits you is your space and the branches that are available to collect. Use a single branch/ pod or a cluster of them tied together at the base. You can either place the branch upright in a vase filled with sand or stones to anchor it or choose to hang the branch upside down depending on where you will locate it.
Choose a seed pod (or a shapely branch of any kind will work just as well) and wipe it free of any dirt or critters before painting it in a colour that you like.
You can use a water-based paint or a can of spray paint is a cheap and easy method. I find it easiest to hang the branch upside down before spraying it with newspaper underneath to catch the drips.
Once the paint has dried you can decide how you will finally arrange the branch and position this.
Personally I am hanging mine from a curtain rod to place the tree in my window where it is visible but a small ceiling hook would work just as well.
• Circle the branch with a string of fairy lights or tinsel using a spiral direction from the bottom up (Make sure you choose lightweight fairy lights so as not to break your delicate branches).
•Choose your decorations (light ones) and position these on the tree.
• Add some personal touches that will match your Christmas theme, Sea shells can be glued to the base, hand made paper flowers or origami, or you could hang small paper love notes for family and friends to find.

Sit back and admire your work with a Christmas drink in hand.


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