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The problem
Working long hours in tough conditions leaves very little time for strength training and building serious muscle. Hour long workouts with your mates are impossible and having luxuries like foam rolling sessions are a thing of the past. Does working in these conditions make fitness goals unachievable?

The solution
Shorter sessions completed more frequently maybe the answer you are looking for.
The “micro workout” is a method that has been adopted in recent years in a variety of different time frames, this version will consisting of 20 minute sessions focusing on one movement pattern per workout with six workouts per week. Although sessions are described as minimal, they must be performed with maximal effort. It’s important to note that “micro” workouts are not for beginner lifters, but rather for the more experienced athlete who has already built a solid foundation of correct movement, mobility and strength.

Do it once, do it right.

The movement patterns that you will be using for each “micro” are as follows;
• Squat
• Carry
• Push
• Pull
• Event (strongman)
• Conditioning (patternless)

The exercises used for each of the movement pattern is up to the individual, bearing in mind the hardest movement should be completed as early as possible in the week when you are most fresh.
Some options would be;
• Front Squat
• Farmers Walk
• Bench Press
• Pull-up
• Stone lift
• Sprints

With so many exercise options to choose from make an educated choice to perform movements that suit your body mechanics when training for strength. When looking for maximal strength gains yourself a lever advantage is a great way to stay ahead of the game. For example if you’ve been using a conventional deadlift for some time try switching over to a sumo deadlift. By adopting a wider stance with your centre of mass closer to the bar you will actually be covering less distance than before, thus creating the advantage.


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