Food & DrinkMarch 2015

CRUST Gourmet Pizza

Gourmet pizza BAR

Since opening their doors in November 2014, Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar in Parap is taking the Darwin pizza circuit to a whole new level. In the past three months Sally Illingworth and her team have earned themselves a national title – bringing home the record of Australia’s Largest Pizza. The 11.4 meter mother of all Australian pizzas was created with five different toppings and took almost four days to construct.

‘When I got a call from Hot 100 asking if I was interested in taking on the challenge, I said yes straight away. It was a total team effort and we called in all of our resources. I thought, this is really cool – regardless of the title I just want to give it a go.’
As the Northern Territory Franchisee, Sally has a number of achievements under her belt having been with the company since she was 15 years old. Now with her own store and an equally as innovative and dynamic team behind her, Sally has no intention of slowing down.
With a new menu update launching some tantalising new flavours, the Crust development team have brought together an interesting street-food style approach. Meaning lots of slow-cooked pulled meat and exciting flavour combinations such as the Argentine Crane Pizza, Japanese Pulled Chicken Salad and tipped to be the new Darwin favourite, the Truffle Wagyu Beef Rossini. Couple that with talks of a mobile Crust store made out of a 20 foot shipping container, Darwin is set to see more of this energetic pizzeria.
‘Crust has built a reputation for being innovators of gourmet pizzas. There is a lot of on-trend inspiration and trialling that goes into designing a menu,’ explains Sally. ‘For each new release, a representative from each store attends an intensive training workshop so that every pizza that is made is authentic to the original flavour design. It isn’t as simple as receiving a new menu and off we go; the process of how it is made is the difference between a good pizza and a great pizza. It is a bit of an art form and we take it really seriously.’
With the world of pizza constantly changing and pizzerias growing more inventive and original with each new slice, the Darwin Crust team are at the forefront of flavour innovation. It’s this authentic commitment to sensational pizzas that is making these local pizza-markers a group worth watching.


36 Parap Road,
Parap NT 830
Ph: (08) 8941 5500
E: parap@crust.com.au
W: crust.com.au