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AGELESS • agelesshealthclinicsnt.com.au • 08 8942 1177 • 111/12 Salonika Street, The Avenue, Parap NT 0820

Ageless Health Clinics first opened its doors in Darwin in 2014.

Specialising in metabolic treatments, with a focus on medically-administered cosmetic treatments and anti-aging therapies, the clinic has become one of the local leaders in the laser and skin industry, also offering services in weight loss, beauty therapy and hair rejuvenation.

Unparalleled service, innovative treatment options and affordable pricing means effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments are now available to everyone. These include Dermograph skin analysis, skin needling/collagen induction therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to help regenerate and revitalise damaged skin, reduce fine lines, scarring, hair loss and injuries.

Practicing in Darwin for over 10 years, Doctor Satbir Aulakh also offers a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, a common condition that affects approximately half of all men above the age of 40. While drugs like Viagra can assist, they are a temporary solution and do not treat the cause of the issue.

Renova is a new, non-invasive treatment using low-intensity shock wave therapy and ultrasonic sound waves to generate new blood vessels in a process called neovascularisation. The machine is one of the few of its kind in Australia and 70-80% of men who have undergone a series of treatment sessions have reported significant improvement. While results may vary, if this is an issue for you, contact Ageless Health Clinics via email at dermal@agelesshealthclinicsnt.com.au or through the website www.agelesshealthclinicsnt.com.au and staff will get in touch for a confidential discussion.

The aim of Ageless Men’s and Women’s Dermal/Beauty Clinics NT is to provide clients with the best possible customer service and value for money through their services and product selection. The clinic exclusively stocks and recommends ZO Skin Health medical grade product range.