Food & DrinkJanuary 2015


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Once there was a pizza maker who was crazy enough to put pineapple on a pizza, launching a Hawaiian taste sensation available today on almost every pizzeria menu around the globe. For Sally Illingworth and her team, it is this same dedication to a foodie adventure that is doing away with ordinary pizza to give way for extraordinary pizza.

It is no secret that the newly launched Crust store in Parap is wasting no time in showing Darwin their energetic love of pizza, fast making its mark as a local store with a gourmet touch. According to Sally, the store’s franchisee, it is only the beginning.

‘Our menu is updated every 6 to 12 months, meaning that our customers are always getting the latest and greatest on all things pizza’ says Sally. ‘We literally love what we do. This is the first Crust in the NT – we are so excited to show Darwinites how we make pizza.’

As a returning Darwin local herself, it is no wonder Sally has a special love for her new store. Starting as a part-time phone attendant at Crust in Sydney, Sally couldn’t get enough of the work-place culture and eventually worked her way through the ranks. Finally in November of 2014, Sally opened the doors to her very own Crust store in Parap and hasn’t stopped since.

‘With the right team, anything and everything can be done. I am so proud of what we have achieved already and it is because the whole team is committed to what we do. We have fun and we make great pizzas – it doesn’t get any better than that.’

With a mission to make pizzas that feed all the senses, Crust has built a reputation Australia wide. Now available in Darwin, this pizza powerhouse believes in using only the finest ingredients on their gourmet pizzas, measuring by hand not by gram. In true Crust spirit, come open day Sally chose to let her pizzas speak for themselves.

‘To celebrate our opening, I decided to throw open the doors and give away free pizza. There is nothing like trying something for yourself so we made up every pizza we could and gave slices away to anyone who wanted to try.’

‘We had such a busy week after that’ laughs Sally. ‘I have always taken things as they come and to be here, doing this makes me pretty happy.’

Offering deliveries for a flat rate for all surrounding suburbs, Parap’s Crust has taken Darwin by storm. With flavours such as Singapore Chilli Crab and Sangria Duck Ragu, vegetarian range and a healthier choice menu, Crust has an option to tantalise any taste bud preference. As far as Darwinites are concerned, it is no surprise that the Philly Steak is the local’s preference.

‘Many stores find that an area has a particular favourite and at the moment for us it is the Philly Steak – it is the tradies that have taken to it quickly. Our Peri-Peri Chicken is also a regular hit.’

Sign up and become a VIPP (Very Important Pizza Person) and get even more value on your pizza. As an added bonus, if you live within the Parap store’s delivery area and your order is over $20, you can get your pizza delivered for free! For more information on the menu, download Crust’s mobile app, check it out online or give the Parap crew a call. If Sally and team have anything to do with it, you are sure to get a pizza made with adventure and delivered with a smile.

36 Parap Road, Parap NT 830

Ph: (08) 8941 5500

E: parap@crust.com.au

W: crust.com.au