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Louvre windows can allow natural ventilation through twice as much of a window area capturing fresh air as effectively as possible. This passive cooling approach reduces the reliance on artificial air-conditioning systems, which thereby lowers energy costs and minimizes the release of emissions into the environment.

Usually louvres are cyclone rated to provide a tight seal to withstand bad weather.   Options can include toned glass, aluminum, and timber blades to help control solar heat gain.  Also clear glass with a low e coating can help improve the insulating properties of the window.

Bifold doors are gaining in popularity up here in Darwin which can greatly suit our outdoor entertaining lifestyle, while ensuring plenty of free natural ventilation. However, depending upon where the bifolds are situated, once dusk falls, the flies, midges, moths, and mosquitoes can have an unwelcome free reign into your living space. Companies like Artilux Australia and others provide retractable insect screens to remedy this.  A small bank of screened louvres within any rooms containing bifolds ensures a good exchange of fresh air when the bifolds are closed due to weather or at night.

The Green Building Council of Australia has specific guidelines for effective natural ventilation which contribute towards a building’s Green Star accreditation.  These recommendations can be helpful when designing or looking to lease or buy a property, particularly in a higher density building.

A continuous breeze path between two ventilation openings either within the room or from one room to another.

All internal doors that form part of the breeze path are provided with door catches to prevent the doors from being blown shut.

Doors that are required to be closed to maintain fire separation or that provide entry to a dwelling from a public space are fitted with a security screen door that maintains security to the dwelling while the door to the common area is left open. Where fire doors are held open, the catch holding the door automatically releases the door and also automatically closes if the fire alarm system is activated.

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