January 2015Kids Life

Talking Birds & Bees


Talk with your children about sex and have on-going chats throughout their

childhood, answering any questions that may arise simply and honestly.

Puberty can be seen by many parents as a hard topic to handle; as it is a time in a child’s life when there are major changes from being a child to becoming an adolescent; including physical, sexual and emotional changes to deal with. It can be quite a roller coaster ride at times!

You need to start having ‘chats’ about the changes that come about with puberty before they occur; as they can start with girls as young as 8 and with boys from 10 years. Let them know what to expect ahead of time; as these changes can bring about insecurities: in body image and self-esteem.

During puberty, your child needs lots of reassurance that these changes are normal and that everyone goes through them; although everyone is different. By the age of 16; puberty should have finished; although the brains of adolescents keep developing until they are in their mid 20’s.

Be available to have chats with you teen at any time about any topic; this line of communication is so important. Both boys and girls should know and understand the changes that take place during puberty in both sexes. Get informed yourself; so that you feel at ease and confident as a Mum or Dad when taking with your teens. Best of luck.

‘Til next month be kind to yourself and each other.

Best wishes,

Dr Jack