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AirNorth’s slogan is “Together We Fly” and that’s certainly the case for father and daughter employees Roxy and Claud Freeman.

Roxy joined Airnorth in 2013, having moved to Darwin to pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant. Father and mentor Claud followed in May of 2016 as a contractor, bringing with him 38 years of aviation industry experience.

Their shared interest in aviation as well as their commitment to high standards of quality, safety and customer service ensures they are both well-respected members of the Airnorth team. Being able to debrief and discuss work life together out of hours is an added bonus, however they also like to “shut the hangar doors” and enjoy regular dad and daughter time.

Both Claud and Roxy feel strongly that the best part of working for Airnorth is the people.

“The people have been fantastic,” says Claud. “Even though I’m a contractor to the company, I have always been treated as a fully-fledged member of the Airnorth family. They have a fantastic brand and reputation, not only in the NT but throughout Australia. They have established very high standards of safety, punctuality and customer service and are very active in supporting the local community, not only by providing the essential transport services to some of the remote areas of the NT, but also through their outstanding charity work.”

“Everyone works so incredibly hard to ensure the best possible service for our passengers,” says Roxy. “We work together to go above and beyond, the best way that we can. We have a lot of fun together, even when our day starts at 04.30am!”

“The support that you receive from your team and managers is like none I’ve ever known. I’ll be a ‘Lifer’ with Airnorth, as long as they’ll have me!

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Father and Daughter Roxy and Claud Freeman

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