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Everlasting Health

acupressureFeeling like you need some “ME TIME”???
Always running around for everyone else & feeling overwhelmed with commitments???
Treat your Body, Mind & Soul without lifting a finger!!!
Flower Essences coupled with Reflexology may be the answer for YOU!!!

Have you heard of Bach Flowers or Rescue Remedy before??? They’ve been used in Western society for over 100 years, with Dr Edward Bach being the first to introduce these. They are based on English flowers.
Australian Flower Essences (namely “Living Essence” Flower Essences), were first ‘bottled’ & therapist training began in the 1980’s in W.A.- where the world’s largest number of wild flowers are found. Originally, Indigenous people used Australian Flower Essences in numerous ways to heal their sick. They work energetically on physical, behavioural & emotional levels – to bring change to negative thoughts, actions & physical difficulties. They reach the core of the problem that leads to the disharmony.
Flower Essences have been used in hospitals for a number of years to reduce pain, stress, exhaustion, & to aid recovery. They’re able to be used safely & effectively by anybody (including babies, pregnant ladies & the elderly) since they do not interfere with any medications. I have used Flower Essences to support women during pregnancy & labour with wonderful results – please call me for to discover how they may assist you.
Each Flower Essence has its own affirmation to reinforce their healing properties. My business is actually named after the “Pink Everlasting” as it is known as the ‘the spring of eternal substance’. This can aid your rejuvenation & to enhance your ability to continue to give to others when needed – without emotionally draining you.
I personally love using Flower Essences with Reflexology to further enhance your treatment. Reflexology is a relaxing massage-style treatment that assists to balance the whole body by gently stimulating & improving circulation to vital organs. After Reflexology, you will feel ‘as light as a feather’, with relevant physical symptoms also subsiding…..whilst you treat your body, mind & soul without lifting a finger! This is a great way to distress & rebalance your hormones. Regular treatments will enhance your health & wellbeing holistically.
Book in today to treat your Body, Mind & Soul….at www.everlasting-health.com.au

Pink Everlasting
The well within is overflowing,
many come to drink.
The spring refreshes &
the travelers go on their way.
The spring of my Soul replenishes
itself, distributing happiness.


Kristy Hollis
Naturopath, Herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist
HiCAPS available
Board member CMA, member NHAA
M: 0411 378 997