BusinessNovember 2014

Can’t choose? Just decide.

Have you ever been in a shop trying to decide whether you should buy item one or item two? They are both good choices, each with their own positives and negatives, yet still you can’t decide. With prompting and encouragement from the retail assistant, you are convinced to buy item one. You pay for it and as soon as you step out of the store you realise you have made the wrong decision… you really wanted item two after all. This is an ‘indecision decision’. It isn’t until we make a decision that our preferred choice reveals itself. In other words, you don’t know what you really want unless you actually make a choice.

It is while we stay stuck in indecision that the next best step or the favoured option goes unseen. A favourite saying of mine is, “The world aligns to the decision we make.” It aims to explain that once we make a choice, everything in our life synchronises with that choice.

Those that make decisions experience shifts in their reality just from making a conscious choice.

Therefore indecision can hinder our progress, but simply making a decision will open up a new set of choices to make.

Have you been mulling over a decision that needs to be made? Make a decision and see what happens! Those that keep moving forward in life are those that have the courage to step up and make a decision.



Author of “The Power of Conscious Choice”.