Fashion, Beauty & StyleNovember 2014


Well the Festive season is upon us….
Time to embrace the season of giving;
Share your time with family & friends;
Indulge — just enough to enjoy the festivities,
& Reflect on a year that was….

With all the temptations at our fingertips…how do we avoid the trap of overindulging on the “baddies”??? Being mindful of what you are eating & drinking is the key!!!

If you’re organising a party this season, think outside the square of dips & rice crackers, puff pastry finger foods etc. Think fresh & wholefood crudités served with Homemade Veggie Dips; mini Veggie Stacks topped with Herbs; Thai Tofu Cakes with Chili dipping sauce; Prawn & Avocado Rice Paper rolls; or Chicken & Herb Meatballs just to name a few healthy alternatives.

As for the drinks…..think about including some fresh, colourful mocktails to give that visual “WOW” factor….without the punch. Use fresh berries, melons, mangoes, juices & herbs to ignite your taste buds. If you like to enjoy some wine, why not try organic & preservative free options. They can be found from all the great wine regions around Australia – & are especially helpful if you react to the sulphites found in ordinary wines…enjoy responsibly.

200g fresh/frozen Mixed Berries
225g chopped Pineapple
250ml Pineapple juice
1/2tsp Rosewater
8-10 ice cubes

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Celebrate where you’ve been this year, what challenges
you’ve faced & where you want to go in 2015….responsibly.
Set your Goals & make them happen NOW!

Kristy Hollis
Naturopath, Herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist
HiCAPS available
Board member CMA, member NHAA
M: 0411 378 997