Health & FitnessNovember 2014

FEEL YOUR BEST THIS SUMMER With Everlasting Health



The season of celebration is fast approaching. Barbecues,Christmas parties, long lunches, late nights and let’s not forget New Year’s Eve.

At this time of year many of us tend to eat more, drink too much, sleep less and not exercise enough. All at the same time as setting unrealistic goals for a bikini body or six-pack come January 1.

The reality is many of us will be feeling tired and sluggish, and probably unbuttoning our pants after dinner (or opting for elastic waistbands!) And the longer we leave these problems, the worse they can get, leading to issues like adrenal fatigue, digestive complaints, high stress levels and emotional turmoil.
Whether you’re feeling not quite right, or simply want to prepare yourself for a healthy start to the New Year, natural therapies from Everlasting Health could be the answer.

Founder Kristy Hollis is a qualified naturopath, herbalist and flower essence therapist, who has had years of success treating health issues from reproductive complications and child behavioural disorders to skin conditions and digestive complaints.
Using evidence-based natural therapies including herbal supplements and flower essences to restore balance, Kristy customises the most effective solution for each individual’s needs.

Kristy’s services also include diagnostic methods like iridology and hormone testing to help determine the cause of any symptoms. Highly trained and skilled in natural medicine, she can assist patients as a primary health carer or in conjunction with a family doctor.

“People tend to come to me in waves,” says Kristy. “It might be a wave of women with menopausal concerns, or a wave of girls having issues in puberty. It’s always interesting and exciting to see how different approaches help different people.”

As the heat and humidity sets in, Kristy tends to notice an increase in skin conditions as well as complaints of low energy and simply ‘not feeling the best’.
“Being a bit off colour is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right, and by looking deeper we can uncover the cause of the problem and address that, rather than just treating the symptoms,” says Kristy.

“It’s wonderful sharing that journey with someone, seeing them relieved of a really troubling health problem, and moving onto the next little thing and the next until they’re feeling 100%.”