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Daly River

Daly River, the beautiful river in Northwestern Northern Territory of Australia is one of the famous tourist destinations within the Northern Territory. Daly River is famous for its picturesque tidal river, recreation activities, camping grounds, caravan parks etc.

However, the majority of the people visiting Daly River are for Fishing and enjoying camping. So, if fishing is your interest too, pick a fishing rod, and dive straight into the Daly River as fishing and hunting opportunities found in the Daly River region are amongst the best in the country.

The Daly River shelters both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles spiders, cockatoos, wild pigs and buffalos and is a plentiful source of one of Australia’s best known tropical fish species, Barramundi; hard to catch but a true delight to eat.

Daly River is located 223 km south of Darwin and is 110 km south-west of Adelaide River.

Things to do & See
Nauiyu Aboriginal Community and Merrepen Arts Centre
Jesuit Ruins
Fishing for Barramundi in the Daly River
Litchfield National Park
Douglas Daly Hot Springs
Daly River National Park
Hot Springs, Water Holes, and Gorges

Culture & Heritage
The dominant languages in the Daly River Region are Malak Malak and Kriol while English is widely used across the whole community.