A new phase for DrillPower

We’ve all seen the dangers of lightning strikes across the Top End and felt the disruption to our lives as a result. What we don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes to protect buildings and equipment in the wet season.
DrillPowerNT plays an integral role in protecting industrial and domestic power. They are a highly specialised company contracted to drill deep underground and install earthing systems, consisting of heavy copper rods and cables.
DrillPowerNT services major industrial and engineering projects, with clients such as Power and Water and Darwin’s major electrical engineering firms, including the Inpex LNG Facility.
The business has been operating in the Territory for more than 25 years, but has welcomed new ownership and expanded services in the past 12 months. Steve Hancock took over the business and rebadged it as DrillPowerNT to reflect its core business.
Steve calls on almost 20 years experience in civil engineering and earthmoving.
He has introduced a wide range of ancillary services and equipment to provide clients with a more comprehensive package, including basic earthmoving and concreting.
“I identified a lot of our clients were using various different contractors and calling on multiple teams to complete each job which is costly,” says Steve.
“I saw the opportunity to add equipment and call on our previous experience to offer a more comprehensive service. I prefer to sit down with a client and ascertain their needs rather than simply offer a service.”
DrillPower NT also has the capacity to service small businesses and domestic customers, providing everything from house pads to digging swimming pools, fencing and post-hole digging, to driveways and general landscaping.
“This area of our business is growing quickly and we really enjoy being flexible in the scope of work we carry out.”
Immediately prior to taking over the business, Steve was working in a very different field.
“I took the long way round,” he laughs.
“I was in civil engineering for close to 20 years, then decided to go in a different direction and joined the Australian Federal Police. I loved the police force so it was a really heart wrenching move, but the business opportunity came up to go back to what I knew so well.”
The business is very much a family concern with Steve’s wife Helen, a well-known local businesswoman, and his sons involved. “It’s great being able to work with my kids and build a business around them.
Steve admits investing in equipment to expand the business was a risk, but he is confident it will be a move welcomed by new and existing customers.
“We aren’t in this to compete with the big guys, it’s just about offering a better service for our customers, being able to complete a job from beginning to end. It just makes sense.
“Our core business will always be centred on the electrical engineering industry, but being able to bring that same level of service and commitment to builders and householders is important to us. We don’t like to limit what we offer, we leave it up to the customer to tell us what they need, and we deliver.”

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p: 0438 33 1552
email: steve@drillpowernt.com