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The Country Liberals:

The Country Liberal Party has a strong Territory history. Founded 42 years ago, the Party has long been dedicated to the advancement and future of the Northern Territory, with a loyal vision to benefit Territorians.
The many extraordinary achievements of the Party over our history should be re-recognised, and brought to light for new Territorians.
It was the Country Liberals who developed National Parks and Tourism Centres such as Yulara. The Country Liberals built the gas pipeline and the Northern Territory’s University. It was the Country Liberals who undertook all the negotiations for the extension of the railway from Alice Springs to Darwin and it was the Country Liberals who bought the V8’s to Darwin. These are a few of our achievements over our long history. This Country Liberals Government has been responsible for the largest ever land release programs, has re-established the live cattle and buffalo trade, and has introduced measures to reduce the cost of living. It was a Country Liberals candidate who started the fuel debate, which has led to lower fuel prices for Territorians.
Much has also been said about women leaving the Party in recent times. Over its 42-year history, women have held numerous prominent positions. The first female speaker in the Legislative Assembly was from the Country Liberals and many women have held and continue to hold executive Party positions. Natasha Griggs, the Federal Member for Solomon was the first female member of the House of Representatives elected from the Territory, and three out of four of the candidates for this year’s Federal election are women. In 2012 Lia Finocchiaro, Member for Drysdale was elected the youngest female member of the Legislative Assembly and has held the position of Government Whip for this term. In 2015 Bess Price, Member for Stuart and Minister for Women’s Policy wawww.countryliberals.org.aus appointed to the COAG advisory panel on domestic violence bringing the voice of Northern Territory Women to the table.
The Country Liberals made just over 170 election commitments in the lead up to the 2012 Territory election. Over ninety per cent of these commitments are currently in action and more than seventy percent have been delivered. Twenty one out of a possible 25 candidates have been pre-selected for the 2016 Northern Territory election. These candidates come from a broad range of backgrounds and have put their hands up to be part of a team that will keep the Territory moving ahead. They will bring depth and new blood into the Country Liberals Parliamentary team if they are fortunate enough to be elected.
The Party’s membership numbers continue to grow. “It’s really important to become involved if you believe in something,” says Party President Tory Mencshelyi. “There may be some things that I may not agree with but through my involvement in the Party, I can voice my opinion and try to make any changes
I believe in.”
The Country Liberals remain a grass roots party, with their first and foremost goal being to serve the people of the Territory.
Country Liberals Secretariat
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The Country Liberals wish all women an enjoyable and empowering International Women’s Day, celebrating the Social, Economic, Cultural and Political achievement of Women.