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Building for your Future | Written by Sara Smith

From humble beginnings in Alice Springs in 1957, Sitzler have gone on to become one of the most recognised construction specialists in the Northern Territory.

Their locally based team is comprised of long-term experienced industry professionals, something that the company prides itself highly on. Over 20% of their current workforce have between 10 and 20 years of service so it’s easy to see how the company has maintained its business model throughout the years.

Boasting a portfolio of many hundreds of projects to date, Sitzler have gone on to establish a National presence as a preferred contractor with an award-winning reputation to deliver exceptional results across a multitude of sectors including Defence and Space Innovation, Commercial and Industrial, Civil and Infrastructure and Community.

Irrespective of their successes and growth interstate, the company still concentrates heavily on services to the local Darwin area. In the past three years alone, they have significantly contributed to the improvement of the Territory’s ageing health care facilities. Working closely alongside the NT Government, Sitzler have delivered major upgrades and expansions to the Paediatric Unit, CT and PET Scanners and Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre at Royal Darwin Hospital.

With their demonstrated technical ability, detailed understanding of the health services sector and a track record of on time delivery, it was only natural they were awarded the recent $10.5M contract to redevelop the existing Nightcliff Renal Unit.   

Given Sitzler’s local origins, they understand firsthand the importance of improving access to and quality of healthcare for all Territorians, an achievement that Precontract’s Manager Jamie Porrovecchio is proud of.

“Being a born and bred Territory Company spanning generations, our people are long serving members of the Territory Community who rely on access to quality local Healthcare as much as anyone. As active users we are passionate and understand the importance of continually improving services to the benefit of our friends, family and neighbours”

Throughout these projects, Sitzler have been committed to the improvement of growth and development in the local construction industry. In a climate where the industry is suffering slower times, Sitzler have continued to grow their staff base and have provided local subcontractors and suppliers the opportunity to do the same.

“As community members, we are mindful of opportunities to create an enduring positive legacy by growing local capability. We understand that a key driver to achieve this positive impact is through careful mentoring and support and the provision of ongoing opportunities to Territory SME’s”

“We along with our local subbies and suppliers, are proud of what we have achieved, and those businesses that have worked side by side with us over the journey should take note of the complex scopes delivered here in the Territory by territory people”.

Sitzler’s consistent achievements within the construction industry and their ongoing interaction with the Territory and its constituents to provide avenues for growth and prosperity is clearly setting them apart as an Industry Leader and paving the way for them as a strong competitor among southern contractors.

“There’s no doubt on the national stage we punch above our weight when it comes to major project delivery, and it is the capacity and strength of our key sub-contractors and suppliers which makes that possible”.

08 8922 4000 | 100 Pruen Road, Berrimah, NT | www.sitzler.com.au