Maybe not but now that we have your attention, welcome to the new Darwin Life.

As the world rapidly changes the way we do business and with billions of people using mobile devices, Darwin Life has evolved into a digital magazine. And not just a digital copy of the publication as you know it. We have redesigned the magazine, unlocking some incredible features that bring your advertisement to life. Features that we were not able to add in our printed magazine, but providing so much more value to your business; from picture to videos and from text to interactive elements, all in an advanced digital app.

The essence of Darwin Life has not changed. Still informing and entertaining, the magazine remains a fantastic mix of lifestyle, community, business and tourism as it also showcases NT Life travel.

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enjoy Darwin Life with a monthly edition, on your tablet or smartphone. Currently, on the app you will find the Media Kit where you can swipe through and see sample ad options. It’s very cool!


Maybe not but now that we have your attention, welcome to the new Darwin Life.

With almost 15,000 online subscribers, even in this new digital platform, unlike other magazines, Darwin Life still offers the highest distribution with the most affordable advertising rates giving your business value for money.

Combined with a powerful social media reach (15,600+ Facebook and 13,900+ Instagram followers), Darwin Life still provides multi-platform reach to support your integrated marketing strategies and spread the word about your business.


Change is never easy, but this is one we should all embrace. Firstly, we’re being a lot more eco-conscious by switching to a digital magazine. Plus, we can follow our aspirations to grow; not only can we further expand our reach by offering our magazine digitally, but we also bring more value to you as our advertiser by enabling readers to click through to your website, social pages, and more.


Perhaps one of the most important benefits from a business perspective, you can objectively measure the results of your ads. Set objectives and evaluate your ads performance at the end of the month, so that you can adjust your strategy for the next month. This way you can optimize your advertising spend and make the most out of every dollar you spend. Whether you are looking to get more visitors to your website, grow your social media fanbase, or sell your products, our interactive version of Darwin Life magazine makes it so much easier to achieve your goals than the printed version.


So, go ahead and download our app. Swipe through the advertisement options and imagine the limitless possibilities for your company. Take your business to the next level with us.

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