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Mumpreneur | Rhonda Clayton

Rhonda Clayton Photography NT specialises in maternity and newborn photography. Out of her studio in Girraween, Rhonda captures some of life’s most precious moments ranging from pregnancy to the early stages of a child and family’s growth.

“For me to be able to watch and capture the emotion of brand new mums and dads is amazing,” Rhonda says.

Rhonda also does birth photography, privy to the beautiful and emotional event of labour.

“Usually mum is so wrapped up in having the baby she doesn’t know I’m there, and it frees dad up from having to take photos so he’s there to solely support mum.”

Over six years in the job, Rhonda has formed special relationships with many of her clients. It is an emotional experience for her, as well as parents, to look back on photos as children grow.

“I’m so lucky,” Rhonda says. “It’s a job that’s not really a job because I love what I do.”