Health & FitnessMarch 2015



One could argue that a personal trainer writing about nutrition is someone who is writing out of their scope, which is most likely true, but a personal trainer writing about food observations and habit forming is well within their field of expertise- ergo I will continue.

While enjoying my morning caffeine hit with my wife I found myself drawn to what other patrons were eating for their breakfast. I noticed an overwhelming amount of ice coffee accompanied with toasted sandwiches, fruit toast and cake. No typo there- cake. Last time I checked cake was not in the food pyramid, rather it was off to one side being sold in a converted caravan by a man with greasy hair. It was interesting to note that every single one of the people I observed looked tired, unhappy and out of shape. Generalisation? Yes indeed.

There could be several psychological arguments made for eating in such a way- emotional eating, overwhelming work stresses or even lack of food education, though I’ll argue that in the information rich age we live in claiming ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. Through my own research I have found that the psychological reasons behind eating badly is far more important that the actual act itself.

Eating rubbish is always a premeditated choice.

For whatever your reason maybe you have decided long ago to sit down and eat that morning cake and iced coffee, whether you realise it or not.

Rather than putting yourself through the pain avoiding certain foods or following your favourite celebrity diet regime instead try to ascertain why you are eating the way you do. Adopt the ‘Prevention not the Cure’ principle and you may just find the success you have always hoped for.

The funny thing is eating better has is own sustainable energy source. You eat better you look better and you end up with more energy. Suddenly work and home stresses don’t seem so bad. You slowly start to gain momentum until there is simply no stopping.

You will be happier, healthier and be able to live life the way it’s supposed to be lived.


Stay Strong,