BusinessJuly - December 2018


Zest Projects redevelopment of 3 Mansfield Street in the Palmerston CBD represents a unique opportunity to showcase exemplar urban and energy efficiency design strategies.

The existing building has, over the years, fallen away from societal expectations and is presently at odds with market requirements for economically and environmentally sustainable retail and office accommodation.

3 Mansfield Street is an ideal opportunity to right the previous wrongs and demonstrate a possible way forward in renovating existing buildings for existing owners and tenants.

Urban Design
Territory Architect Hully Liveris was selected for the design and his cutting edge style is present throughout. All facades are designed to achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating with visual layering and filters to significantly reduce heat load.
These revitalised facades add significantly to the streetscape of the CBD. The solar panels placed within the new facades facilitate on-site energy production with the aim of ultimately leading to a zero-energy rating for the project into the future.

Vertical gardens add significant value to the environmental performance of the project and highlight the need for responsive urban design in the Palmerston CBD, facing the challenges of global climate change.
The extraordinary quantum of energy generated from the renewable solar resource facade, together with the reduction in heat load and a variety of energy savings systems will ensure a 6 Star Energy rating is possible for the revitalised building.

Exterior Architecture
Retaining the existing concrete superstructure, including primary glazing systems, avoids the removal of huge quantities of embodied energy which will be reutilised in the most efficient manner possible.
Working together with the external building facade systems, internal automated blinds will allow building management and individual control for internal spaces to mitigate the effects of sky glare or low angle solar penetration. The blinds add another filter layer; together with awnings, louvres and the green façades to maximise internal comfort for the occupants, with minimal energy outlay.
Comprehensive end-of-journey facilities are provided to ground floor, making a clear connection to the new relevance and importance of alternative means of accessing the workplace.
The floor plate configurations, lift and services core allow for a variety of tenancy sizes with excellent Darwin CBD views. Integrated vertical gardens and the ground floor lift lobby has been introduced within the built form to be clearly visible from the streetscape.

A Territory first?
Zest Projects are experienced in the delivery green energy. Their UDIA Award winning One27Flynn project in Bellamack has 200kw of integrated PV Solar that supplies 40% of the centres power needs.
Should the 6 Star Energy rating be maintained, it will be a first for the Territory. The redevelopment of 3 Mansfield leads the way for urban renewal and integrated environmental building design.

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