November 2014

Chrisney Bright

Chrisney Bright is your typical 17 year old; Bubbly, bright, adventurous and fun.

She is a born and bread Territorian and is currently completing Year 12 at one of the local Darwin High Schools. She also works part time with the infamous Outback Wrangler, Matt Wright, chartering boats and looking after tour groups.

And like most other young girls, Chrisney’s dream is to become a model/actress.

The only thing that separates her from the others, is the World Championships she was invited to attend this year.

The excited 17 year old has dreamed of this moment since she was 13 years old, when she moved to Queensland to persue her career in modelling. Two years later, she was signed by one of the top modeling agencies where her opportunity for the World Championships arose.

Chrisney travelled to Hollywood where she competed in the 18th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts, representing Australia in modelling and acting. She was the sole aboriginal representative from Australia and also the only representative from the Northern Territory.

She flew to Los Angele’s for the month of July alongside 150 girls from 52 other countries, all competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Olympic styled event. “The competition was tough with so many talented girls competing. It was always going to be a hard decision for the judges, but it all came down to who delivered the best performance on the day,” Chrisney explains.

In the lead up to the grand final, Chrisney was privileged to work alongside many talented business operators, her stand out being Crista Klayman, who is considered America’s best runway model agent, founder of Supermodel Tyra Banks and is also the owner of L.A Models – the world’s most recognised modelling agent in the world.

She worked with the Vocal coaches of Channing Tatum and Vanessa Hudgens, Grammy Record producers who have worked with Destiny’s Child, Madonna, Chris Brown and Janet Jackson.

Chrisney spent time with the President of Warner Brothers and Walt Disney and spoke business with Joe Simpson (Jessica Simpson’s father.)

She met with acting coach Janet Alhanti who has worked with some of the world’s most famous actors such as Matthew Mcconaughey and Robert Downey Junior.

Chrisney had a very successful outcome in her age group, achieving 2 Gold medals, 1 silver, 1 bronze and an industry medal for Australia.

The 17 year old was then up against all age groups ranging from 16 – 30 for the overall Grand Champion of the World where she placed 1st in 2 of the divisions; Spokes Modelling and Formal Wear.

This event has been “the stand out” for Chrisney’s career, opening many doors to her bright and successful future that awaits her.

“After the event, I was offered 5 working contracts in the US for Modelling and Acting. Three of these were acting contracts, 1 of which was from a movie producer who looks after Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, 1 contract from Walt Disney and 1 contract from Clearlight Pictures,” Chrisney shares excitedly.

Her 2 modelling contracts were from the well-known company L.A models, doing commercial and editorial work.

The World Championship’s have played a huge part in the success of Chrisney’s personal and professional development. “The experience was a real eye opener on the crucial business of the performing arts industry,” Chrisney explains. “I learnt the do’s and don’ts with signing contracts with agents, gained knowledge on the acting industry in LA (which is in another league compared to Australia) and built confidence and developed skills when talking with celebrities and judges. One of the highlights during my time overseas would have to be the 9am – 9pm boot camps with Crista Klayman, teaching me how to walk the catwalk gracefully which I will use in developing my career as a model.”

Chrisney’s goals are now within reach. “I want to move to Los Angeles to persue my modeling and acting career, but first, finishing school and completing my work alongside the Outback Wrangler is my first priority.”

We hope to see more of you in the future Chrisney.
Good luck!