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Time for review or change?

Wouldn’t this be amazing…Creating Amazing Change?

Where has this year gone? The build-up is looming and Christmas will soon be here. Yes we too are hanging out for the Wet Season and a well-earned break, holidays and some relaxation. Reflecting on the year that will soon finish you might be wondering…What have I achieved? What is still to be done? What did you achieve this year, was it what you wanted?

2014 has been a year of change for us. We have shifted our business into new areas responding to new opportunities and market demand. Like you we have faced the reality of escalating costs, interstate competition and we have seen dreams achieved and others dashed.

Now is a great time to reflect on what you have achieved. By all means consider what was not achieved and then look at why and what you can do better. You see all progress is measured by standards and criteria that we initially set. We hold expectations and measure our success in achieving this. However many tend to look at failure in a poor light; this we need to turn around. Our not achieving what we set out for should be viewed as feedback. This feedback is us measuring validating against our original standards and criteria.

We work with people assisting in developing their strategies and goals. Progress is always assessed in measuring the improvement no matter how small. There is no failure, only feedback. Some of you are thinking “…well I tried but…” Okay for a moment just imagine… “What it would be like if you had made some simple change that allowed you that success?” Wouldn’t this be amazing…Creating Amazing Change? We work with people using simple, powerful concepts that do bring dreams to reality.

One of our current clients Jacob Andreae is now achieving his goals in guiding people to change their mindset to achieve peak performance. Check out JACOBANDREAE Performance Strategies at www.jacobandreae.com Jacob shifted his focus created amazing change and now works with others to achieve the same mindset shift that he has. He has a strong sport and teaching background and this enables Jacob to guide new performance and fitness strategies for success.
We wish all of our clients and readers the very best for the festive season and remember to set goals to have the 2015 year the one where you create amazing change.

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