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…Oh yeah I hear what you are saying …

Have you ever wished that you could just understand some one else’s language easily and effortlessly? This past month we have been working with a lot of people in the area of communication and many of the participants have commented that they don’t understand what others are saying to them.
So wouldn’t it be great if you could speak another person’s language? Just picture how good it would be for all your relationships, when with no effort you just understand what people are saying.
We all use our five senses to interpret our world Visual (to see) Auditory (to hear) Kinaesthetic (to feel) Olfactory (to smell) Gustatory (to taste) each of us use these five senses. The first three we tend to use the most and we will use them in a combination of preference such as Auditory Visual then Kinaesthetic or it could be Kinaesthetic Auditory Visual. So depending on the lead modalities will depend on how the language will be structured for example “Do you see what I mean”, “Oh yeah I hear what you are saying”, “I feel so good reading this article”.
You know that the senses give us the picture that allows us to make sense of our world, knowing about the five senses allows you to match the language pattern of the person that you are talking to and when we are alike then we like each other. You know “birds of a feather stick together”. So tuning in to your preferred modality and most importantly those you are talking to, the five senses will assist you in effective communication. All you need to do is listen to the words that they use and use the same, see what I mean.
There is a sixth sense and one that is understood by those who study Buddhism they include what goes on in the mind as a sixth sense being mindful of what is going on in the mind is your self-talk. Language and self-talk combined with cause and effect, action or reaction will impact communication. Most things in life arise from causes created in previous events and the causes we create now will bear fruit for the future, how we live or how stuck we are in existing patterns.
So when we focus the spotlight of attention on our thoughts, instead of dwelling on them and becoming their victims we have the choice to let go. So what is your sixth sense doing; is it producing a language pattern that, maybe others don’t understand because of what you own self-talk is describing. Are you using a useful language that is positive, supportive and workplace friendly?
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