DarwinLifeDecember 2015


Can you smell the rain is the theme of Carol Phayer’s exhibition at Art Warehouse.

Carol thinks there is nothing more exciting than watching the first storms of the year roll in there is even a word that describe the scent of rain in the air of “petrichor” and being a keen gardener like most Territorians the sigh of relief of the vegetation is almost heard. The build-up is about embracing the wet and instead of complaining about the humidity and heat, remember the hotter and more humid it gets, the better chance of an awesome storm.
Carol has owned and run Art Warehouse on Daly St, the Gallery with all the bums painted on the outside, with the “welcome to the arse end of town” sign out front!
Her Gallery moto is : You spend all that money on your home, yet many people neglect to fill it with interesting Art. Good (not necessarily expensive) and interesting Art, will instantly create conversations in your home and it is the conversations we have with our friends that make you and your place extra special. It reflects who you are, so it is good to mix it up.

She also has original paintings from as low as $79.

Art WareHouse
23 Daly ST Dawin NT
0889 814778
E: artwarehouse1@bigpond.com
M: 0437651206