DarwinLifeDecember 2015


Do you have your Xmas Balls?

It’s hot and hectic as the final curtain falls upon this year, with so much going on, mindfulness slips into another party, getting projects finished or holiday planning.
2015 happened for you the way it did for a reason!
Where was your focus, where did you direct your energy?
Sometimes there are reasons; things happened you don’t know why. Even so some of the things that came off, they were really a blessing. Always there are lessons to be learnt. Even when it’s hard it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to happen, it was all about taking you to where you needed to go.
It was a pleasure to work with so many people this year so many wonderful people who came to see us feeling stuck negative and sad that something had happened to them that they had no control of. Robert was one of those who had been in an acting higher level in his job, so when the position was finally advertised he applied. Confident that he would get the job he admitted later that he put minimal effort into the process.
When Robert did not get the job he was shattered, he was in effect, he felt his whole world had collapsed. When he came to see us he was blaming the organisation, he was angry, stressed, overweight, smoking too many cigarettes and felt that there was no future. Together we designed his career and life goals, he took responsibility of where he was at, created a plan and focused on his goals. In his own words; “this is the best thing that has happened to me, I feel like I have my balls back”
It took him six months to change his thinking, become 20kgs lighter, stop smoking and design a successful home based business and he now loves the way he lives and works.
So what have been your accomplishments over the past year?
What has challenged you, what has been a blessing in disguise?
What areas were there that made you feel out of whack?
Reflect now and pat yourself on the back as no matter, you did the best you could with the resources available to you. So before the final curtain falls take a bow and be grateful for the year and hold your head up and look toward a compelling 2016. Before you get to New Year’s Eve begin to dream of your goals, it’s time to create an incredible year for yourself and your world.
Our wish for 2016 is World Peace!

Dr. Douglas Gillanders
Educator, Mediator, Master Coach

Annette Gillanders
Teacher, Inspirator, Master Coach

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