DarwinLifeDecember 2015

Can’t wait for a break?

Exhausted from the year you’ve just had?

Here are some stress busting tips that could make 2016 so much easier… and it starts with self-compassion. Based on extensive data from positive psychology research and a compilation of resilience expert’s strategies, you can find calm in the storm, come what may, in the year ahead.

Quick tips to beat back stress for 2016

Avoid blaming and shaming – be curious.
Pointing the finger of blame at anyone, hurts everyone. It leads to guilt, anxiety and depression. Instead of beating yourself up, explore curiously: “What happened?” (Stick with facts and stay emotionally neutral), “How am I feeling?” “Is there anything I could do differently next time that would make this better?” This builds good problem solving skills and helps create lifelong resilience.

Avoid competition and comparison – embrace the strengths of diversity
Protect yourself from low self-esteem, anxiety and depression by stopping the competition and comparison game. Everyone is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses. Comparison is pointless. Focus instead on what you love doing and what comes easily and naturally. By embracing the different strengths of others, without feeling less than, and delegating tasks to those best equipped to deal with them, you’ll build trust, belonging and connection.

Stop worrying about being perfect – be a great learner
Once you can be okay with continuing to learn, contentment and confidence is guaranteed. Start learning something new in the year ahead or do something creative. One of the seven biggest factors for predicting happiness is engagement in creative activities and play. Remember, it’s okay to fumble and stumble at first and that the fun is in the process and wonderment of discovering something new.

These top tips can help you find a wealth of resilience to enjoy the coming year.

Roxanie Lebsanft
G.Dip.Couns.,B.HSc, Adv.Dip.Hom.,Dip.Bowen.,A.Mus.A.,Cert.IV.TAE.
Co founder Bare Hands
Resilience for Women