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Director of One Real Estate

You don’t have to wait to be successful.

According to Karl Secondis, if you want to get face to face with success, it’s worth taking the time to broaden your horizons.
“You can be successful very quickly in this industry as there is so much information and training available. I would always encourage anybody to invest in themselves and travel further afield to get close to successful people who have been doing this for quite some time,” he says.
The founder of One Real Estate cites industry leader John McGrath as his inspiration, along with Sir Richard Branson. Aspiring to emulate the culture that the famous entrepreneur has created, Karl believes it’s important to take the time to get to know his team on a personal level.
“I think the saying ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’ has always been quite clear in my mind,” he says.
Motivating his team by acknowledging achievements and providing incentives together with an appealing work environment, Karl keeps himself focused with a positive attitude and enjoys what he does.
“It’s about having the desire to be the best I can be. If you’re not enjoying doing what you’re doing, then pack your bags and go and do something else,” he says.
It was this philosophy that saw Karl transition from his initial career as a hairdresser to one of Darwin’s most successful real estate agents. Wanting to work in an environment where he was rewarded in direct proportion to his success, Karl seized the opportunity, and his dedication and tenacity quickly
paid off.
“In my younger years it was all about the financial upside, but as I’ve grown one of the things that is really important to me is achieving that balance between work and my personal life,” he says.
Routine by nature, the real estate mogul is meticulous about leading a healthy lifestyle. Rising at 4.30am most days enables Karl to exercise each morning before the demands of family life intervene.
“I just do the best I can do. I generally don’t leave much behind and I give it my all,” he says.

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