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Crack the Christmas Party Dress Code

Struggling to decide what to wear to your annual office Christmas party?

Keep in mind that a certain kind of work related dress code remains no matter where your party is being hosted and you should always steer to the conservative side if in doubt of the venue you are attending.
Unless you are going to a barbeque at a park (or the beach) this cuts thongs out as suitable footwear.
As a general rule you should avoid clothes that are overly revealing (definitely no cleavage for ladies or plumbers crack for the men).
Sneakers or jeans are not appropriate for either sex for a dinner or office party, Instead aim to dress as you would to attend an interview within your chosen field and then dress that look up one notch.
Cocktail dresses and moderate heels are a good staple choice with no sheer items or anything that is too short or too tight.
Trousers with a shirt (collared or un collared depending on the location) with slip on shoes are a safe bet.
Avoid being too casual, if in doubt I always say dress up rather than down in all areas except for your makeup or (facial hair) – this should be kept to a classic natural appearance.
If you are brave you can opt for seasonal colours and dressy fabrics, which will help you, stand out from the crowd or introduce some colour in the accessories you choose.
Once you are dressed and on your way you can focus on the next Christmas party hurdle…how to behave.


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