Health & FitnessJuly - December 2018

Philfit NT

Opened in January 2018, Philfit NT is run by Philip Stamp – personal trainer and boxing trainer – and partner, Annalysse, who are both passionate about fitness.

“I played a high level of footy growing up and have an amateur boxing background,” said Phil. “I’m thrilled that I get to work where I would go on my days off.”

“Helping people improve their quality of life through functional fitness gives me the best feeling because I know once they get through the beginning to the point of training adherence and consistency they get strong, feel great and improve their quality of life.”
Philfit takes the time to work with each individual, helping them with their fitness goals using the SMART principle; *Small *Measured *Achievable *Realistic *Time-based.

A small, modern gym with quality USA Titanium equipment, Morgan boxing bags, floor to ceilings and speed bags; Philfit caters for people looking for a personal experience and ongoing support to achieve their goals. The atmosphere Phil and Annalysse have created is friendly and unique, where every member gets the time and guidance they deserve in a relaxed, laid-back environment.

In today’s fitness industry, with a focus on franchises and profit, the experience can be depersonalising in a way that makes an ordinary person feel uncomfortable, instead of being welcomed as an individual. Whether you are Homer Simpson or Superman, Philfit can sort you out; whether you’re at a computer all day and need to improve your posture, sports-specific training to up your game or strengthening your pelvic floor both pre and post pregnancy.

Philfit is active in helping youth organisations with endurance and strengthening in their chosen sports and offers free trials and a free PT session with membership, ongoing supervision and advice for members. Philfit is a 24 hour gym with affordable memberships and personal training of the highest quality.

Philfit NT
7 Bishop Street Woolner • 0481 101 947 • info@philfit.com.au • www.philfit.com.au