A WEAPON IS DEADLYHealth & FitnessJanuary 2015


ADAMIn modern martial arts we need to adapt and ensure we are teaching our students for the events that may occur today.

Often when we get caught up in tradition we teach techniques that have been passed down from our teacher. Often we respect and look up to our teacher as a leader and don’t question the techniques rather accept their word and knowledge. In some arts these moves have been passed down for many, many years and the moves are outdated. As the nature of the attackers are different and how we deal with them can always be improved.
I was watching a disturbing clip on the internet of a man who had the intention to attack another bystander maybe due to some conflict. In the clip you could see the man was carry a knife behind this back and had the intention of using it. The defender was caught unaware, to his credit he must have had some martial arts experience and threw the attacker and strike him several times. However during that process the attack was able to use the knife with the defender being unaware he even had a knife. The attacker escaped and the last scene was a defender that was struggling to stay on his feet even though he did a great job.
The lesson I learnt from this clip is in any self defense system you need to assume someone may have a weapon and more importantly all your moves should coincide as if the attacker had a weapon.

Krav Maga is a modern day reality-based self-defense system. Adam is the founder of Krav Maga Darwin. For more information, visit www.kravmagadarwin.com.au.
Adam Gulla
Self Defence instructor
(Krav Maga)