Girl BossJuly - December 2018

Jan-Marie Jaillei | JM Interior Design Studio

Interior designer Jan Marie from JM Interior Design Studio tells us what’s trending in 2018.
Picture by Patrina Malone

What drives you to succeed? My dreams, I am definitely a dreamer. I have always followed my dreams with focus and determination to realise them.

I don’t believe in that word ‘can’t’.

What are the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in the top end? Probably that there are not enough of us or anywhere in Australia for that matter. Just 30% of entrepreneurs in Australia are women.

Who are some of the females that have inspired you? I am constantly inspired by working mothers, running companies, running households and raising children. There is nothing a woman cannot do when she puts her focus to it.

What would you say to young females looking to make their mark? Follow your dreams with 100% focus, determination and hard work, you will make your mark.