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C-Vue Property Group

C-Vue Property Group
“We work with the best homeowners and the best tenants, which one are you?”

You’ll often see this sign as you’re driving along Stuart Hwy in Stuart Park as C-Vue put the search out to match up great tenants to great landlords.

Honor Borg, Managing Director of C-Vue Property Group, has not only been working on matching up tenants and landlords, but also matching up people looking for love at the recent 2015 Darwin Singles Ball hosted at the Grand Ballroom SkyCity.

“It was our first fund raising event to be hosted through our recently established C-Vue Charitable Trust. We established the Charity Trust so we could raise funds for local organisations and give back to the Territory.”

“It was such a funny and exciting night. Darwin Bolt Supplies provided us with enough nuts and bolts for the ladies and gents, and throughout the night everyone had to see who’s matched up. It was a great conversation starter and some great door prizes were given away because of it.”

The Darwin Singles Ball 2015 raised funds to place defibrillators throughout the NT. But now they need somewhere to place them. Everyone is welcome to go to the C-Vue Property Group Facebook Page and place their ideas in the comments section.

Apart from raising funds, and being kept busy with the ever changing Darwin rental market, C-Vue have established their exclusive “tenancy database” allowing tenants to register their details which then allows C-Vue to match their criteria to potential properties coming onto the market.

“It’s such an effective and valuable resource for our tenants because it makes finding the right home so easy.”

“The database is also great for our landlords because it means fast turnaround times between tenants and lower vacancy periods. It is really a win-win for everyone involved.”

C-Vue has developed a reputation as the “go-to” property managers for corporate and executive rentals in Darwin. This means they need to constantly keep ahead of their game and know what companies are coming into town and when they require properties.

“It’s a forever changing market in Darwin, unlike any other state I have seen throughout Australia. Whether it be the onset of the wet season, oil and gas projects slowing down or ramping up or even smaller projects happening around town, it all makes a big impact on pricing and demand. We therefore have to constantly evolve. One day we need more tenants, the next we are searching for more quality properties. The one true constant is that a property will always lease. We just need to keep in regular contact with our landlords and make them aware of the changing markets. Late last year saw a real slump in the rental market demand and many landlords were worried but by evolving with the market we were able to achieve results our landlords were happy with.”

C-Vue Property Group prides themselves on the core values they uphold. They are constantly aiming higher with their service standards, ensuring their clients are completely satisfied. “We aim to achieve for our clients a supreme confidence in our ability to manage their property without worry or concern that their investment is not being valued and maintained by a professional with integrity.”

C-Vue are a local boutique, family owned company and are proud to offer a service guarantee based on their performance. As noted in their “Managing Your Property” booklet, “If you are not completely satisfied with our services and we cannot rectify the issue within 24 hours, we will release you from the managing authority and refund you the current months management fees”, not that any landlord in Darwin has ever used the service guarantee but at least they know it’s there.

“Property management is all we do and we are very good at it. We will deliver attention to detail and exceptional response times, providing our landlords with the highest quality tenants while maximising the rental return in the quickest possible time. “

To register your details on the tenancy database or learn more about the
“Managing Your Property” booklet, contact C-Vue Property Group on 8942 2358 or