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9 Overlander HomesCustom Built Home Up to $450K

This smart, compact custom built home which features good cross flow ventilation and with effective play of textures and tones.  Well proportioned spacial arrangements complimented with well appointed finishes achieved the clients dreams.

GreenSmart Energy Efficiency

This luxurious home has achieved the levels of luxury, functionality and amenity achieving the clients dreams. Through the use of innovative technologies, architectural detailing and an array of textures and tones have provided the platform for this bespoke dwelling. Large gallery like volumes direct your eyelline vertically within the dwelling to express the varied forms within.

OVERLANDER LOGOCustom Built Home over $1million

This contempory high tech executive residence has an extensive array of energy saving features which help reduce the carbon footprint. Passive electronically controlled shading devices maintains a cool environment within. The use of rainwater storage devices coupled with solar PV panels reduces the loads on local infrastructure.


Dominated by large forms and architectural elements, this well appointed, prestigious home offers high levels of luxurious amenity. Built on a complex, sloping property, this dwelling takes advantage of this to express itself with volume and space. Featuring an array of technologies through out have enhanced this dwellings functional use.  On entering, you are taken on a captivating journey of gallery like spaces which is enhanced with precision craftmanship and high levels of attention to complex details.

2014 HIA-CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsAWARD WINNER

  • Home of the Year
  • Custom Built Home
  • Bathroom
  • GreenSmart Energy Efficiency

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