Cosmopolitan HippyFood & DrinkJanuary 2015

Cosmopolitan Hippy January 2015

Eat like a Cosmopolitan Hippy: What your cravings REALLY mean

It’s 3pm, you’re sitting at your desk, and it hits. A craving for food so big, it could slay an elephant.

Most of the time when we crave a certain food, it’s because our body needs something. Problem is, the signals get mixed up and we end up reaching for something that isn’t actually what we need.

A lot of the time we are just dehydrated.

My top tips to combat cravings:
Before you reach for the food, have a nice big glass of water, wait 10 minutes and then re-assess if you really need something to eat.

If you still need to munch on something, give one of these alternatives a go.

What you’re craving What you really need Eat this instead
Chocolate Magnesium Raw nuts, chia pudding
Sweet things Chromium, Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Tryptophan Turkey with a salad with dried unsweetened cranberries, mashed sweet potatoes
Starchy carbs (pasta, bread) Nitrogen Dark leafy greens topped with nuts, seeds and lots of oil
Salty foods Rest (your adrenals are running on high), B vitamins Omelette with spinach and mushrooms, salad with hummus, good sea salt.
Fatty foods and/or cheese Essential fatty acids Oily fish like salmon or sardines, fried in coconut oil served with a salad with lots of olive oil, avocado and almonds
Coffee and/or Tea Sodium chloride (salt) and Iron Omelette with capsicum, spinach and onions with a side salad dressed with apple cider vinegar and some black cherries
Red meat Iron Dark leafy greens – like kale or silver-beet  topped with almonds and pumpkin seeds, small mount of lamb or kangaroo, or mussels


An excerpt from Leandra’s latest book, Eat like a Cosmopolitan Hippy, out January 2015, RRP $49.95, available at www.cosmohippy.com.au and at The Chiropractic Place 3/55 Cavenagh Street Darwin, 8981 1778