Girl BossJuly - December 2018

AMANDA PERNECHELE Managing Director Moo Media

What drives you to succeed? Have you ever been told you cant? I’m driven by being able to have the freedom to create my own lifestyle. The thought of a 9-5 job doing the same thing each day now makes me shudder and I felt like I always had so much more to offer than the positions I found as an employee for a larger company. Making my family proud is another. The only person that tells me ‘I cant’, is me. And my family or partner, Rhys are always quick to remind me that I can do anything.

I have definitely been laughed at, at times. Most of the time for not carrying certain university degrees. Then I remember my experience, skillset and confidence and its always best proving those people wrong with actions and results, not words.

What are the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in the Top End? As rewarding as working for yourself can be, it certainly isn’t all fairy lights and unicorns.

I can’t speak for everyone that has gone out on their own but challenges I face definitely include loneliness. The isolation and the fact you can’t throw ideas around a room is testing at times. It’s important to remember there’s nothing to hide behind if mistakes are made, it’s just you and your brand, so there’s always a lot on the line. Also, not everyone likes to see others succeed so there will always be those trying to bring you down, but there are some fantastic entrepreneur networking groups which definitely helped me out when I started out. Just that little bit of support telling you you’re not as hopeless as you think, can make the world of difference.

Who are some of the females that have inspired you? When I first started my career in media, I was 18 and was lucky enough to be surrounded by powerful, strong and intelligent women. One that definitely comes to mind is Katie Woolf. Not only for her success and intellect but how she has an unwavering ability to not take life too seriously, she’s real, always laughing and has always been kind to me. Another would be Amy Hetherington, a local legend with an incredibly infectious positive attitude, she’s a total trailblazer and once again despite success, is always humble. And mum, can’t go past mum, the one who taught me to be kind to others always. None of this would mean anything if I didn’t make her proud.
What would you say to young females looking to make their mark? Darwin is the land of opportunity to make your mark, there’s so much ground uncovered still and opportunities are rife. Save enough money before you start out to really give it a go. I was very much all or nothing when I started out and I don’t believe Moo Media would be where it is today without me doing it that way. Be kind, don’t burn bridges. Word of mouth for small businesses is everything. If you find yourself in a lull, TALK to someone! Whether it’s a business adviser, a friend or another freelancer. Sometimes we stand in our own way, don’t be afraid to let others remind you what you’re capable of.

How do you feel about the term #girlboss? I know when it was created years ago, it came from a good place. But to be given a label for the work I do based on my gender doesn’t sit completely right with me. I’d hate to hear I’m successful, for a girl. In saying that, I’m guilty for perpetrating it from time to time. Perhaps it’s time we move on from that phrase though. A boss is a boss. I don’t see any of my male freelancing friends coining the term #boyboss.

Why is it important for females to support each other in business? Ah, this is a biggy. A favourite saying of mine has always been, ‘You can always spot a strong, successful woman, she will be building up another woman’. When women support each other, AMAZING things happen. The support within female professional groups can and have changed the world. When I started Moo Media I vowed to support as many other females in the industry that I could, being kind and giving others work often results in the favour being returned. When women work as a team, we get sh*t done and it’s destined for nothing but greatness.