Girl BossJuly - December 2018

JOY ARNOTT | Star Barber Darwin

What drives you to succeed? Have you ever been told you can’t? I’m driven to have meaningful connections, enjoyable ways to contribute to my community, and passion for beauty. I’m driven to make sure my staff are happy and secure. My mum has instilled in me the unshakeable belief that whatever I turn my hand to, will succeed. But there have been a few nay-sayers recently, warning me against growing my business in the current retracting market.

What are the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in the Top End? For me, I’ve found doing business in Darwin to be really positive. The small community means that when you are good at what you do, you stand out. We do have to travel to do training though, which I guess is not such a bad thing- the team is off to Melbourne soon then Lisbon next year.
Who are some of the females that have inspired you? My best friend Sascha Smithett of Real Estate Central. She is an absolute pro that I strategize with and trust. I have a business coach that specialises in coaching introverts, HSP’s and empaths. She’s invaluable with how I manage my energy in relation to work.

What would you say to young females looking to make their mark? Be really clear of what mark it is you want to make, what success means to you. What you truly want doesn’t have to be in step with society’s definition of success.

How do you feel about the term #girlboss? I hate it. It is infantilising and irritating.
Why is it important for females to support each other in business? We show each other how to do business on our terms, in a gentle way that aligns with our values.