Health & FitnessJuly - December 2018

Aaron Hicks – Head Coach Crossfit Territory

Aaron Hicks// Head Coach Crossfit Territory
For any further information on functional training contact aaron@crossfit-territory.com

Here are some basic workout movements; as well as advanced exercises for those wanting a bit more challenge.

These can be done with little to no equipment, nearly anywhere whether you’re at home, at the park or even on holidays! But there are a few pieces you can bring to broaden your number of exercises that will take up little space and won’t break the bank; such as a skipping rope and a set of rings which can be set up on a tree branch or off a beam. When putting these movements together, you can perform many different styles of workouts, depending if you desire a short workout at high intensity or longer for endurance.

Air Squat
Push up
Sit up
Jump (to a park bench or rock)
Pull up
Ring dips

Pistol Squat
Handstand Push up
Skipping (Double unders)
Handstand Walk
Ring Muscle ups

Workout Example 1
7-minute Ascending Ladder 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24 etc
Air Squats & Burpees
Workout Flow: You have 7-minutes to climb the ladder as high as possible. You will perform 3 air squats then 3 burpees. After every round you complete, you add 3 reps to the next round…so your next round will be 6 reps of each, then 9, then 12 and so on until you reach your time cap.

Workout Example 2
EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute) for 12minutes 
Handstand Push Ups & Plank Hold
Workout Flow:  On the first minute (odd) you will complete as many handstand pushups as you can. Then on the even minute you will perform a plank hold for as long as possible. It will be a total of 6 rounds for each movement, 12 minutes in total. The goal for this workout is to maintain the same reps each round. 

Workout Example 3
Sit Ups & Lunges
Workout Flow: You will complete 10 reps of each movement. Once that round is complete, you will add 10 reps to your next round until you have reached 50. This workout can also be done the opposite way around starting on the 50’s.

Workout Example 4
15-minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
Run (Approximately 200m)
10 Push ups
15 Box jumps (park bench, rock..depending on what you have access to)
Workout Flow: Complete as many rounds or reps as you can in the 15-minute time cap.