January - June 2018Real Estate


50 Jesse Road Girraween

Given the current easing of prices for rural properties there has never been a better time to get yourself into the rural market and enjoy the space and peacefulness rural living offers.

Affordability is a key issue for most buyers and the current market is reflecting that. When buying rural properties, it’s also very important to speak to a Mortgage broker with experience in the rural sector lending.

Banks vary greatly on their lending policy when it comes to rural properties with some banks only willing to lend up to 80% whereas others will lend up to 95% depending on the post code the property falls under. This can make a huge difference on the price point your able to buy at.

As with any property purchase doing your homework on the areas that are of interest to you is very important. Get hold of the NT Government water inundation map and study the lay of the land to find out what areas are potentially water logged. Also take note of what sort of vegetation is growing on the property and its surrounds. Pandanus and paper bark trees are generally an indication that the ground suffers from water inundation.

Most rural properties get their water supply from bores, check with the local bore drilling company’s and bore servicing contractors such as H & D Pumps to see what the general area is like as far as water yield and quality is like to give yourself an overview of the area.

There’s plenty of opportunity at the moment to buy yourself a lovely rural lifestyle. Do your due diligence and you will enjoy many years of happy living surrounded by a great community.