Imagine the power and possibility of 270 individuals committed to the common cause of bettering peoples’ lives. That’s exactly the team you’ll find at Darwin Private Hospital.

While each staff member has their own specific role – whether that be in catering, housekeeping, administration, or a nurse in one of the various clinical departments – each and every individual happily fulfils two requirements: to look out for one another, and to provide the best possible care to patients in need.
The friendly team dynamic at Darwin Private Hospital works brilliantly. Employees provide the same care for each other as they do for those in hospital beds. Communication is excellent, and everyone is on the same page in striving to achieve the best patient care at all times. The team remains positive and morale is kept high, to uplift patients and ensure the team’s responsibility to provide care and comfort is achieved. The staff at Darwin Private Hospital goes above and beyond to make hospital experiences as less traumatic and upsetting for patients as possible, and under the leadership of General Manager Dr Jo Seiler, the team’s sense of unity and rapport continues to blossom.
Each month, there is an Employee of the Month voted by management on a 3, 2, 1 based point system. Annually, these points are tallied and an Employee of the Year is awarded the ultimate recognition. It is a positive, staff-based incentive that works to encourage employees individually, and also to celebrate as a team.
Darwin Private Hospital is an exciting place to work. With renovations underway and plans for new theatres and a total hospital revamp, there’s no knowing what the team might achieve.

Although one thing is for sure: the team to patient flow on effect at Darwin Private Hospital can only continue.

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