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…why people do what they do…

Do you agree that communication is the key to success in all areas of our lives, relationships, career, workplace, finance and beyond? Are you curious to know more about the link between how we think (Neuro) and how we communicate (Linguistic) and patterns behaviour and emotion (Programming)?
We have been curious since we both commenced our careers in Adult Education, we studied about how adults learn, and saw how that learning brought out old patterns, strategies that created blocks and obstacles to achieving their learning goal.
All the time we supported our students and changed methods in the hope it would unlock the key for release, we felt really frustrated that we could not always guide the student to the success that they so deserved. Fascinated and committed as educationalists we sought to study behaviour and we learnt about Psychometric testing and how to identify why people do what they do within the environment they are in.
It was not until we decided to change our business model and close our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that we continued the curiosity and fascination that we had about the human brain that we researched and then discovered the potential of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Developed in 1975 by John Grinder and Richard Bandler Neuro Linguistic Programming has evolved into a powerful technique and therapy. At the centre of NLP is the concept of modelling that being; “If you can do it so can I”. It involves replicating behaviours and actions that have helped people secure success and transferring that behaviour to others.
We live our work and in doing that we live the philosophy of NLP. We are passionate educators and by sharing our knowledge with you, in turn you can change your life, the way you communicate, your relationships even your job.
Imagine what gaining a NLP certification can do for you and then what you can do for others, with an NLP qualification you will play a direct role in boosting not only yours but your potential client’s behaviours and thinking that will improve all areas of their lives.
So have you considered Creating Amazing Change that will help others to transform the planet? Join our next intake for the 5 Day NLP certification on Friday 24 July and become amazing yourself.
Annette Gillanders
Teacher Inspirator Coach

Douglas Gillanders
Educator, Mediator, Coach

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