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Mumpreneur | Carrie Kwan

What is your business and what inspired you to create it?
I am the co-founder of Mums & Co (www.mumsandco.com.au) – we’re a member-based online business with a community of thousands of mums in business. My job is to help them connect, be empowered and provide tailored products and benefits to help their business grow.

Raising a business and a family at the same time can be like an obstacle course, and having been there, I want to help women navigate this successfully and thrive.

How do you juggle working from home around the demands of family life?
I try not to spend time worrying, rather find a way to manage and do things better. I outsource where I can afford to for both the family (anything from cleaning to home delivered groceries, mobile mechanics and massage therapists) and the business (such as recruitment and last minute in home child care – one of the benefits of Mums & Co membership). I use a productivity tool called Asana to help me keep my ‘to do list’ in check and I’m practising mindfulness and meditation to help me sort through all the thoughts racing in my mind, relax my body and get clear about the life I am creating. My ‘village’ includes an amazing partner (he’s the primary carer) and extended family and their support gives me time to work on the business.

How do you keep focused on your goals?
We have a ‘big hairy vision’ which is plastered on our office wall, it serves as a daily reminder and I try to focus on three things each day that move us closer towards that. I speak and listen to a lot of people and have regular check ins with the community of mums in business we serve so that their pain points and preferences are top of mind. Personally I have a coach and mentor to help guide me. I’ve found that both motherhood and business together teaches you to be more organised, more resourceful, and focused.

What advice do you have for those starting out on a new business venture?
When you start, you don’t know who your market is, how people will respond to what you are selling – so much is unknown. When you run a business and have kids to look after as well, it really takes a certain type of person to do this. But I want to say to all mums who are running a business, or thinking about running one: you can do this. And Mums & Co is here to help you succeed.

What has been your greatest business triumph?
I’m very proud that I gave birth to both my second ‘real’ baby and second ‘digital’ baby at the same time!